Men with male-pattern baldness have some good news: At the Global Center for Hair Restoration, we now offer ARTAS robotic hair restoration. This innovative hair transplant method combines precision with artificial intelligence.

If you want to restore healthy locks of hair without more invasive procedures, ARTAS hair restoration is for you. 

Balding Hair in Men

If you are a man who experiences sparse, thin, balding patches of hair, you know that it can impact your overall appearance. You might feel that you cannot control the process of balding, especially if you have genetic male-pattern baldness. However, the ARTAS hair restoration system is a wonderful solution to your concerns. 

Balding can be the result of natural aging in men, but male-pattern baldness typically runs in families. Parents pass down the genes for baldness through generations, and it normally shows up fairly early in life. If you are still in your youth and experience excessive hair loss, you might have genetic male-pattern baldness. 

You don’t have to keep wearing hats to cover up your bald spots. ARTAS hair transplants use areas of your own hair that grow sufficiently to restore hair growth in balding areas. You can’t control genetic baldness, but ARTAS treatment can reduce its impact.

Robotic Hair Restoration

The ARTAS machine is on the front edge of hair transplant science. This system uses technological intelligence to choose the best hair follicles for hair transplants. When the ideal hair is selected from the donor area, the ARTAS system gently removes it for transplantation. 

The ARTAS machine removes hair follicles in groups of between one and three follicles at a time. This is much more precise than previous methods and follows your hair’s natural growth pattern. This means that your new hair will grow much more effectively.

Traditionally, hair transplants were done using the strip method. This method was rougher and required larger patches of hair from the donor area. The strip method also left visible linear scars and impacted the natural appearance of the donor area. 

With ARTAS hair restoration for men, you get all of the benefits of hair transplants without the downsides. Robotic hair restoration is the perfect modern solution to androgenetic alopecia. 

Benefits of Robotic Hair Transplants

Other methods of hair transplants are fading out as ARTAS hair restoration takes over. There are numerous advantages to this method of hair restoration for men. If you want natural-looking, gentle hair restoration, we recommend scheduling an ARTAS consultation.

Some of the benefits of our robotic hair transplant systems include:

These are just some of the benefits that you can find from ARTAS robotic hair restoration for men.

How to Prepare 

To prepare for your hair restoration procedure, we ask that you shave your hair in the donor area. This may seem counterintuitive, but the ARTAS system visualizes hair follicles better when the area is shaved. This will allow the artificial intelligence to select the ideal hair follicles to harvest and transplant. 

Our professionals will give you in-depth instructions on how to shave your hair for the best results. You will have our guidance every step of the way with this wonderful hair restoration procedure. 

The Hair Transplant Process

ARTAS hair restoration is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that requires no sharp tools or stitches. You are awake during the procedure, and we make you as comfortable as possible. 

The ARTAS machine will harvest the donor hair follicles quickly and gently. After that, our expert team will implant the harvested follicles in areas where you experience hair loss. This technique will restore hair growth in sparse, balding areas. 

After your procedure, there is little downtime. You can go back to your normal daily activities after just a few days. Patients report much less discomfort from ARTAS than from traditional hair restoration methods. You won’t have to worry about scars as your donor hair grows back. 

Hair Transplant Results 

Most patients begin to see hair growth in treatment areas after three months. Around the three-month mark, the hair follicles begin to grow healthy hair. As you approach the one-year mark after your ARTAS hair transplant procedure, you should notice longer, fuller hair. Most patients see amazing results after one year. 

When your hair begins to grow back in the shaved areas, it will cover any microscopic markings from the ARTAS procedure. Unlike traditional strip method hair transplants, ARTAS hair restoration is minimally invasive and does not leave visible scars. 

Your hair will blend together and look natural as the restoration process works. After a year of regrowth, you might notice you have the healthy hair you have always wanted. 

Candidates for ARTAS Hair Restoration

Are you wondering if you would be a candidate for this cutting-edge method of hair restoration? The FDA has approved the ARTAS system for men with androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male-pattern baldness. The system has been approved for harvesting hair follicles from donor areas to transplant onto balding patches of hair. 

Every man’s head of hair is different. To find out whether you are a good candidate for ARTAS hair restoration, you must get a personal consultation. You can visit us at the Global Center for Hair Restoration to learn more. 

The Global Center for Hair Restoration ARTAS Treatment

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