Women who experience excessive hair loss know how difficult it can be to achieve regrowth. If you miss your full, luscious locks, there is a treatment for you: NeoGraft hair restoration at the Global Center for Hair Restoration is a minimally invasive procedure for women with thinning hair. 

Many of our patients achieve natural-looking results with this quick, effective procedure. 

What Is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft is an advancement in hair science. This system gently harvests hair follicles from areas where you experience a lot of hair growth. These follicles are then used in a hair transplant to fill in sparse areas of your hair. NeoGraft uses a medical aesthetic device to extract hair, not a scalpel.

The NeoGraft procedure harvests specific hair follicles for maximum hair growth. The system targets hair follicles in natural groupings of one, two, or three follicles. This method allows your hair transplant to thrive after your procedure, growing back longer, fuller locks. 

What Problems Can NeoGraft Treat?

NeoGraft is a hair restoration method that restores hair growth to areas that have experienced excessive hair loss. Women can experience hair loss for many different reasons. Depending on the root cause of your hair loss, we may recommend NeoGraft for hair restoration.

Some of the reasons women experience excessive hair loss include:

These factors all play a role in women’s hair loss. If you want to pursue NeoGraft as an effective, comfortable hair restoration treatment, schedule a consultation with our clinical director. We are happy to discuss your medical history and how NeoGraft can help you. 

What Are the Benefits of NeoGraft Hair Restoration for Women?

If you are a woman considering getting a hair transplant, you might be wondering what makes NeoGraft the best option. NeoGraft hair transplants have numerous benefits for women seeking hair regrowth. 

Some of the benefits of NeoGraft include:

These advantages of NeoGraft help women grow fuller, thicker hair after their procedure. You can have peace of mind knowing this procedure is approved by the FDA and will help your hair fill out naturally over time. 

Who Is a Candidate for NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

The FDA approves the NeoGraft procedure for women and men who want more fullness, thickness, and lusciousness to their hair. If you experience hair loss, thinning patches, or baldness, NeoGraft hair restoration may be able to help you. 

During your consultation, you will discuss various factors with our clinical director to determine whether NeoGraft is the right procedure for you. 

Some of the factors that clinical director Benjamin Sell, PA-C, takes into account include:

Our clinical director is experienced and knowledgeable on the topic of hair restoration for women and will explain how your hair can benefit from the NeoGraft procedure. 

Do I Have to Shave My Head?

Before the NeoGraft procedure, we ask that you keep the donor hair short. Some women have concerns about this, as they don’t want a noticeable patch of shorter hair on their heads. We are almost always able to keep the donor hair short while covering it with existing long hair. 

You do not need to shave your entire head for your NeoGraft procedure. Some men that opt for NeoGraft choose to shave their heads and regrow all of their hair at the same time. This is a personal choice and is not required for NeoGraft. 

The hair grafts that we implant into balding, sparse areas on your head will naturally facilitate hair growth. We use your own hair follicles that are capable of growing new hairs on their own. This means that you will experience regrowth and do not have to keep your hair short. 

Does NeoGraft Require a Long Recovery?

One of the biggest advantages of NeoGraft over other hair transplant options for women is the minimal recovery time. Most patients can go back to everyday activities after one week of recovery. 

Our minimally invasive approach with NeoGraft means that your skin does not suffer from harsh side effects. You can sit through the comfortable procedure and go home afterward. NeoGraft does not affect most of your activities after the procedure. 

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

After your NeoGraft procedure, results take about 8 to 12 months to become visible. The regrowth process uses your hair follicles, so natural hair growth will take a while. However, once these hair follicles are transplanted, you should be able to keep reaping the benefits of hair regrowth permanently. 

Results vary, depending on the root cause of your hair loss. In general, most patients see fuller, thicker, longer hair within one year of their procedures. Some women need multiple treatments to restore their hair to the desired condition. 

Where Can I Go for NeoGraft Hair Restoration?

At the Global Center for Hair Restoration in Nashville, TN, we perform NeoGraft hair restoration for women in need of hair regrowth. 

If you have questions about the NeoGraft hair transplant process, you can contact us directly. Our expert team of professionals is here to make you comfortable and keep you in the loop as you pursue thick, full, luscious hair.