As a trailblazer in the hair restoration industry, the Global Center for Hair Restoration is known for its innovative treatment options. Our services include effective supplements, a patented topical serum, PRP therapy, REVIAN RED light therapy, and non-invasive laser therapy.

While these various interventions have been highly successful for thousands of patients, surgical hair restoration remains the most viable treatment method for many people.

Our Nashville facility is world-renowned for the success of our surgical hair restoration techniques. These interventions produce lasting results and are FDA-approved for their demonstratable efficacy.

Which Surgical Hair Restoration Treatments Are Available?

At the Global Center for Hair Restoration, we offer two surgical hair restoration treatments:

NeoGraft: Minimally Invasive Hair Transplants

The NeoGraft technique is a minimally invasive hair transplant that restores thicker, fuller hair using the patient’s own follicles. It produces natural-looking results, leaves no linear scar, and offers a quick recovery process.

Before the procedure, you must shave your hair in the harvesting area. Once you arrive for the treatment, our Certified NeoGraft Technician will perform the procedure. An attending physician will also be present.

Our team will use the NeoGraft Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) device to harvest healthy hair follicles precisely from the donor area. We will then implant the hair into the target area. 

The natural growth of the transplanted follicles is typically noticeable within 8 to 12 months. Most patients can resume normal activities within a week or so after the procedure.

ARTAS: Where Hair Restoration and Artificial Intelligence Meet

ARTAS is the most technologically advanced and minimally invasive hair restoration solution available today. ARTAS is the world’s very first hair transplant system to leverage robotics and artificial intelligence.

Instead of using the traditional strip harvesting method, ARTAS uses the FUE to graft healthy follicles in naturally occurring groupings of one to three hairs. 

By removing individual hair follicles, ARTAS leaves the donor area relatively undisturbed and will not leave a linear scar. The ARTAS robotic surgical hair restoration procedure is performed at the Global Center for Hair Restoration’s Nashville facility.

Before the procedure begins, patients receive a local anesthetic to keep them comfortable during the process. The precision of the robotic ARTAS equipment offers faster healing and less downtime than other surgical hair restoration options. 

Generally, patients may start seeing fine hairs within three months. They will experience maximum benefits and natural-looking results approximately one year after treatment.

Is Surgical Hair Restoration Right for Me?

Both NeoGraft and ARTAS surgical hair restoration are FDA-approved interventions. ARTAS is specifically approved for male patients with straight black or brown hair who have been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia (male-pattern hair loss). 

NeoGraft is approved for both men and women seeking long-lasting fullness to their crown, hairline, or sides of the head.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of these innovative surgical hair restoration procedures, contact Global Center for Hair Restoration. You can reach us by phone or request an appointment online.