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Selecting an effective method for hair restoration doesn’t have to be complicated. With options ranging from medications to advanced surgical techniques, each offers unique advantages. Understanding what’s available can help you make the best decision for your individual hair loss needs.

At Global Center for Hair Restoration in Nashville, TN, we bring expertise in both surgical and non-surgical treatments for hair loss. Our approach focuses on transparency, equipping you with the knowledge you need to select the option that aligns with your circumstances. Trust us to provide you with accessible, effective solutions for hair restoration.

Understanding the Root Causes of Hair Loss

What Options Are Available for Hair Loss? 

ARTAS® Hair Transplants

ARTAS is a thinning hair treatment that combines robotics and artificial intelligence to offer a minimally invasive approach to hair restoration. The system features a robotic arm with multi-camera, stereoscopic vision that analyzes and selects the best follicles for transplantation. Unlike traditional methods, ARTAS employs Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), removing individual follicles without large incisions or stitches, avoiding linear scarring.

ARTAS for hair loss only requires local anesthesia, meaning you’ll be awake and comfortable throughout. The method promotes faster healing and minimal downtime; many patients return to normal activities within just a few days. Although individual results vary, new hair growth is often visible within six months, and full, natural-looking results are typically achieved after a year.

PRP Hair Restoration

If you’re looking for a non-surgical hair restoration treatment, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is worth considering. In this minimally invasive approach, a small blood sample is drawn from you and processed to isolate plasma rich in growth factors. These growth factors, which are often used in other medical treatments for their healing capabilities, are then injected into areas of your scalp with thinning hair.

This hair-thinning solution doesn’t require any downtime; you can go back to your regular activities right away. Gradual improvements in hair thickness and a decrease in hair loss are commonly observed within four to six months following treatment. For optimal results, a series of PRP sessions is usually recommended.

REVIAN® RED Light Therapy

For individuals seeking a convenient hair loss treatment, REVIAN RED light therapy offers an at-home solution that is FDA-approved. Using two distinct wavelengths of LED light, this innovative hair restoration method encourages your body’s natural cell-regeneration processes, contributing to hair growth. The therapy also boosts levels of nitric oxide, which improves circulation and minimizes inflammation, creating optimal conditions for hair follicles to thrive.

The REVIAN RED cap is lightweight and cordless, offering an unrestrictive treatment experience. An accompanying mobile app helps you manage your hair restoration, allowing you to track treatments and set reminders. With just a 10-minute daily commitment, clinical studies have shown an increase in hair density over a 16-week period, although results may vary between individuals.

KeraLase™: LaseMD Ultra Laser Hair Treatment

KeraLase offers a non-surgical approach for both men and women looking to address hair loss and seek effective hair-thinning solutions. This unique method uses a LaseMD Ultra laser to precondition the scalp, opening microchannels in the skin that enable better absorption of the specialized KeraFactor® serum. This serum contains nano-encapsulated peptides, growth factors, and skin proteins designed to stimulate hair growth and enhance scalp health.

The treatment involves a series of quick, 30-minute in-office sessions, generally spaced two weeks apart. During the intervals between these appointments, at-home application of the KeraFactor serum is advised to maximize results. While individual outcomes may vary, some people have reported noticeable improvements in hair density and scalp health in as little as three months.

Prescription Medications

Prescription medications offer another avenue for those seeking effective hair restoration. These medications work at a biochemical level to inhibit hormones and enzymes linked to hair loss. Often available in topical or oral forms, they serve as a more traditional thinning-hair treatment. When used consistently, some patients experience a reversal of hair loss and even regrowth, making hair loss medication a viable option for many.


For those looking for a drug-free approach to hair restoration treatment, supplements like Nutrafol® and Viviscal™ PRO offer natural ingredients backed by clinical research. Nutrafol products employ a unique botanical blend designed to combat various causes of thinning hair, including stress and hormonal imbalances. Viviscal PRO products use a proprietary AminoMar™ marine complex and an assortment of vital nutrients to fortify hair from the inside out. Both options aim to nourish hair follicles, stimulate growth, and improve overall hair health over time.

Knowing Which Hair Restoration Method Is Right for You

At the Global Center for Hair Restoration in Nashville, TN, we offer a range of innovative hair restoration treatments to effectively address your concerns about hair loss or thinning. From cutting-edge technologies like PRP and KeraLase to drug-free supplements, we provide options that are backed by clinical research to meet you where you are. 

To explore these options further and determine the best course of action for you, fill out our online form or reach out to us at (615) 510-6626.