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Hair loss treatments can be time-consuming and ineffective. When it comes to the best hair loss treatment around, REVIAN RED light therapy might just be the winner. 

REVIAN RED light therapy is a medical-grade hair loss treatment that’s non-invasive and convenient. If you’re short on time, consider this light therapy for your hair loss needs. 

LED Hair Growth Technology 

REVIAN RED light therapy uses LED-powered lights to stimulate healthy hair growth. Unlike medications and other hair loss treatments, there’s no discomfort or unpleasant side effects. 

How does this light therapy work to regrow your hair? It uses two wavelengths of LED red light to stimulate your body’s natural healing and regeneration processes. 

The wavelengths of light add nitric oxide, which promotes healthier circulation and has anti-inflammatory effects, to your body’s natural stores. These mechanisms work together to create a healthier environment on your scalp for your hair to grow. 

Your cells start to repair damaged hair follicles and areas on your scalp. This is ideal for healthy hair regrowth. REVIAN RED light therapy prolongs the hair growth cycle so you can enjoy longer, more luxurious locks. 

Short Treatment Sessions

The best part about REVIAN RED light therapy is the convenient treatment plan. All you have to do is wear the cap for ten minutes each day. 

During these ten-minute treatment sessions, the cap covers your entire scalp in the healing red light wavelengths. Your body goes to work repairing your scalp and stimulating blood flow to the area for hair rejuvenation. 

If you have a packed schedule and can’t dedicate much time to your hair loss treatments, REVIAN RED light therapy is perfect for you. You can complete the treatments at home on your own; no appointments are necessary. 

The REVIAN RED light therapy cap connects to a mobile app. You can track your treatments, control the cap, and set up alarms to remind you to do your treatments. The convenience of this treatment attracts many patients struggling with hair loss. 

Desirable Hair Growth Results

Most patients use REVIAN RED light therapy for 16 weeks. In a clinical study on the effectiveness of REVIAN RED light therapy, patients who used it for 16 weeks grew 26.3 hairs per square centimeter. This is significant growth that will increase the thickness and volume of your hair. 

When it comes to women, hair loss treatment is very important. Many women enjoy styling their hair as a form of self-expression. For women, hair loss treatment can make or break the look they want to achieve. This treatment offers revolutionary hair growth in a very short period of time. 

Men’s hair loss treatment is equally as important. Male-pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, can age your appearance. Men’s hair loss treatment restores a sense of youth and vitality to those suffering from male-pattern baldness. 

FDA-Approved Hair Loss Treatment

You can be confident in the safety of this treatment. The FDA approved REVIAN RED light therapy as the first LED-based hair loss treatment. It’s one of the best on the market for hair loss in terms of convenience and quick results. 

There are many options for hair loss treatment, and the FDA is highly selective in what they approve. Hair loss is a complex condition that can be caused by many different things. REVIAN RED light therapy revolutionizes hair loss therapy by providing a safe, non-invasive option for busy patients. 

Clinical studies have shown that REVIAN RED light therapy produces the quickest hair growth out of many different treatment options. If you’re tired of dealing with hair loss, hair thinning, and balding, consider REVIAN RED light therapy as your next treatment option. 

Natural Scalp Healing and Regeneration

A major advantage of REVIAN RED light therapy is that it makes use of your body’s natural healing process. The red light wavelengths stimulate blood flow, which brings beneficial healing cells to the site of your hair loss. This creates an optimal environment for your scalp to thrive and your hair to grow. 

Your hair follicles rely on proper circulation to grow hair. With plenty of oxygen and nutrients from your blood, your hair can start to grow in fully again. 

This natural treatment takes advantage of repair cells and nitric oxide stores in your bloodstream. Nitric oxide promotes healthy hair growth using the naturally occurring compounds in your body. 

REVIAN RED light therapy also reduces inflammation around your scalp. When you have certain health problems, your system becomes extremely inflamed. The inflammation blocks circulation and creates an unhealthy scalp environment, leading to hair loss and scalp pain. 

With red light therapy, you can get rid of harmful inflammation to promote healthy hair growth and a comfortable scalp. 

The Best Hair Loss Treatment in Nashville, TN

If you want to see the magic of REVIAN RED light therapy for yourself, visit our team at Global Center for Hair Restoration in Nashville, TN. We offer this revolutionary hair loss treatment for patients suffering from balding and hair loss. 

We understand that losing lots of hair can impact your confidence. Luckily, with red light therapy, you can skip the invasive and painful treatments and still grow a full head of healthy hair. 

Our clinicians have been treating hair loss and balding for many years. We specialize in the latest hair technology and scalp science. If you’re near the Nashville, TN, area and want to combat frustrating hair loss, come see us. Schedule a consultation today to see if REVIAN RED light therapy is right for you