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Thinning hair doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Medical therapy options are available to treat hair loss. Over the years, advances in pharmaceutical medicines and natural supplements have made medical therapies for thinning hair a viable solution to create thicker, more voluminous hair.

Our team at the Global Center for Hair Restoration in Nashville, TN, offers hair restoration treatments for men and women with expertise and compassion.

Causes of Thinning Hair

Although hair loss could just be a natural consequence of aging, a variety of other factors also contribute to thinning hair.

Some reasons that cause hair loss include the following:

And this is by no means an extensive list. Hair loss is prolific as well — nearly 80% of men and 50% of women experience significant hair loss throughout their lifetime. Indeed, thinning hair as you grow older is the norm, not the exception. 

Fortunately, advancing treatments have made stopping further hair loss and regrowing your hair easier than ever.

Medical Therapy Solutions for Hair Loss

Medical therapy for hair loss refers to medications and supplement regimes that can revitalize your hair. These come in many forms, including pills, shampoos, and products to rub directly onto the scalp. 

These treatment options are typically less invasive when compared to other treatment options, such as hair transplants or laser therapy.

Medical Evaluation

The first step of receiving medical therapy for hair loss is a detailed medical evaluation. 

With our extensive experience in evaluating and treating hair loss, our medical staff can make an important difference in choosing the treatment plan that works best for you, 

We make sure your treatment plan adequately treats the root cause of your hair loss, and we consider your whole health in the process. Since the causes of thinning hair are so varied, a comprehensive blood panel, pull test, and scalp examination may be required. 

Your blood panel gives our medical professionals the ability to check for mineral deficiencies or medical conditions that contribute to hair loss.

A pull test, in which a physician pulls a group of hairs to see how many pull out, can determine the current stage of the hair shedding process. 

Lastly, a scalp examination can uncover infections that drive hair loss or identify disorders in the hair shaft that can cause thinning hair.


Medications designed to treat hair loss are an effective way of helping your hair grow back stronger and thicker. After a full medical evaluation, our medical team will determine which medications can best help you achieve your goals for hair restoration. 

Choosing the right medication depends on a variety of factors, including:

Our hair loss experts can determine whether medication is the right choice for you and provide you with a customized treatment plan for hair regrowth.


If a natural route to hair restoration best suits you, we have several supplement options that have been clinically proven to enhance the thickness of your hair and increase the number of new strands. 

Hair growth supplements work by providing essential nutrients to your blood to promote hair regrowth. Your blood carries these nutrients to your scalp, restoring existing hair follicles and encouraging new and stronger growth.

We know that there are hundreds of supplement options available with limited evidence of their effectiveness. We’ve sorted through the deluge of supplements and hand-selected the ones that are evidence-based and produce real results. Our top choices among natural hair supplements are Nutrafol and Viviscal PRO.


Nutrafol offers a line of products designed to help your hair grow back thicker, stronger, and in greater quantity. Nutrafol uses a natural formula to make up their core Synergen Complex. 

This proprietary hair loss formula can treat several root causes of hair loss, including stress and hormones. The Nutrafol line contains customized formulations for men or women, along with powerful hair growth boosters. 

Nutrafol supplements are taken by mouth in the form of a daily tablet. After three months, the nutraceuticals will begin to work, and you should experience an increase in hair growth. By seven months, you’ll see substantial growth, enhanced volume, and shinier hair.

Viviscal PRO

Viviscal PRO is another great choice for hair regrowth. Viviscal PRO is a product of 25 years of hair growth research that can address hair loss without invasive procedures, noxious chemicals, or repeated trips to a hair loss clinic. 

This supplement has been clinically proven to increase the number of hairs growing on the scalp by up to 80% and strengthen the hair.

Viviscal PRO uses a proprietary AminoMar complex to achieve these fantastic results. It provides a perfectly balanced combination of essential vitamins and minerals that spur hair regrowth and is a 100% natural formula. 

When taking Viviscal PRO, you can expect to start seeing results in as little as three months — but will see a substantial difference by the six-month mark.

Start the Path to Hair Regrowth Today

When you’re ready to start treating your hair loss, our team of hair rejuvenation specialists is here to help. The Global Center for Hair Restoration in Nashville, TN, has been treating thinning hair for over 35 years and will help you create a treatment plan to address the root cause of hair loss and inspire hair growth. 

Contact us to set up an appointment for a comprehensive medical evaluation with our experienced medical team, and start your process of growing thicker, healthier, natural hair today.