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Thinned-out hair can be distressing, especially if you don’t know why it’s happening. Thankfully, there are ways to treat thinning hair. Global Center for Hair Restoration specializes in hair thinning and loss. We understand the importance of finding the root cause behind your thinning hair before offering a viable solution. Speak to us for the best treatment for thinning hair.

Causes of Hair Thinning for Women

Before jumping to a solution, it is important to understand the cause so we can use an effective hair-thinning treatment. Possible causes for hair thinning include:

Harsh hair products – Extreme hold gels and hair sprays can cause your hair to become thinner and even fall out. Limit your use of these products to prevent hair thinning.

Heat-damaged hair – Using hot hair straighteners and curlers, or color treatments like bleach, perms, and relaxers can damage your hair to the point of thinning. 

Tight hairstyles – tying your hair up in a tight ponytail or updo can pull on your hair and cause it to break and fall out from the hair follicle. This may lead to thin spots over time. 

Nutrient deficiency – If your hair is thinning, it could be due to a lack of iron, folic acid, and zinc that help your hair follicles produce hair.

Stress – Chronic stress can trigger telogen effluvium, a condition that causes your hair to thin or fall out. 

Other causes – Heredity, hormone imbalances, significant weight loss, immune system deficiency, or a vitamin D deficiency can cause hair thinning.

Causes of Hair Thinning for Men

Male pattern baldness – one of the most common causes of hair thinning is often caused by inherited genes. High levels of androgens (male hormones) can speed up the hair cycle and cause your hair to become thinner. 

Wearing headgear – If you often wear beanies, hats, helmets, or other headgear, it can damage your hair and lead to thinning. 

Other causes – Much like women, men can experience hair thinning due to stress, extreme weight loss, lack of sleep, and using hair products. 

Effective Hair Thinning Treatments

We offer a number of treatments to combat hair thinning in men and women. However, before determining the perfect solution, we need to assess the causes for your hair thinning. Once we have the root of the problem, we can find a treatment that will work to your advantage.

KeraLase™ Laser Hair Restoration

If other hair-thinning treatments, such as medication, have been ineffective thus far, you may want to try laser hair restoration. KeraLase is a non-invasive hair-thinning treatment for men and women. It uses a combination of laser therapy and topical serum to stimulate hair growth. KeraLase is a few treatments at a skilled dermatologist and an at-home topical serum between each session. Each session is painless and simple. 

During the procedure, we will precondition your scalp with a LaseMD Ultra laser which creates small channels in your scalp to allow for easy absorption of the Kerafactor serum. After the laser creates the channels, the serum is massaged into your scalp. The serum contains two proteins and several other growth factors to stimulate hair growth and treat hair thinning.

KeraLase therapy requires 6 sessions every two weeks. Sessions are quick, lasting about 30 minutes. This treatment is painless and does not require any downtime since it is non-invasive. You will be required to apply the KeraFactor serum at home every morning and night for successful results. These treatments are highly effective, with some patients experiencing noticeable improvements in only 3 months. 

REVIAN® RED Light Therapy 

REVIAN® RED light therapy makes use of LED lighting to stimulate your body’s ability to regrow hair. This method is FDA-approved and is known to grow more hair in a shorter period than other hair thinning treatments. The best part of REVIAN® RED is that it can be used at home. With 10 minutes a day, you can combat hair thinning. You can count on REVIAN® RED to distribute the light evenly so that your entire scalp benefits from the treatment.

PRP Hair Restoration 

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is an effective way of stimulating hair growth without the use of drugs or surgery. It makes use of your body’s own regeneration ability. We will draw a small amount of blood from your arm and separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The plasma is the part of your blood that contains the platelets that increase the regeneration of healthy tissue. The plasma is administered to the area of your scalp that is experiencing hair thinning through a series of injections. A topical anesthetic is used to prevent pain and discomfort.

NUTRAFOL® Hair-Growth Nutraceuticals

Nutrafol is drug-free solution that is made with medical-grade natural ingredients to speed up the hair growth process. Synergen Complex®, one of Nutrafol’s core products, targets the root causes of hair thinning, like hormones, stress, and poor nutrition. It can improve hair thickness and scalp coverage for men and women. Nutrafol also has four boosters that can accompany one of the core formulas to speed up the process. We will help you to choose the right booster according to the cause of your hair thinning.

Hair Thinning Treatments You Can Trust 

At Global Center for Hair Restoration, we are open and honest about our treatments and aim to provide only the best hair restoration treatments. We are based in Nashville, TN, but you can join our global client base no matter where you live. You won’t be disappointed by our top-class service and professionalism. Contact us if you would like to know more about our high-quality hair-thinning treatments.