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Hair growth supplementation is a new and effective way of treating hair loss. Clinically proven supplements like Viviscal PRO can increase your natural hair’s thickness, strength, and growth. These supplements are completely drug-free and provide remarkable results without surgical intervention or intensive inpatient procedures. Taken as an oral tablet, they are remarkably convenient and don’t require repeated trips to a clinic or time-consuming topical treatment applications.

The Hair Loss Epidemic

Hair loss affects millions of people in the United States. One in two adults will experience significant hair loss in their lifetime. The causes of hair loss are varied; some have hereditary conditions that present problems such as male or female pattern baldness. For others, excessive stress can cause their hair to thin prematurely. Even standard practices like tying your hair in a ponytail can contribute to unsightly hair loss issues.

The fact is, hair loss is often unavoidable in many cases. Fortunately, advances in clinical supplementation have brought about novel methods of treating hair loss. 

Hair Regrowth Through Supplementation

Early intervention in hair loss is possible. Hair regrowth techniques have come a long way from late-night infomercials and include several drug-free options that can motivate hair growth. Specialized proprietary formulations work to strengthen hair follicles and return thin, wispy hair to a thicker and healthier state.

Supplementation is ideal for individuals in the beginning or middle stages of hair loss. The earlier that action is taken to restore vitality to the scalp, the better the treatment results will be. While people with later stages of hair loss can still benefit from supplementation, dormant hair follicles are often more resistant to revitalization.

If you’ve begun to notice the effects of hair loss, the time to act is now.

A Natural Way to Restore Hair Vitality

Supplements offered by hair restoration specialists are naturally drug-free and non-invasive. They’re also filled with essential nutrients and vitamins that target the root cause of hair loss. Hair that is rejuvenated with these treatments is your own一nothing is implanted, removed, or artificially produced. It requires no specialized care and can create a lasting impact on your hairline.

Supplements can be taken as the sole measure in hair loss prevention or in conjunction with thinning hair treatments such as hair implants, laser treatments, or platelet-rich plasma infusions. It all depends on your specific goals for your hair, which treatment plan best aligns with that goal, and the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put in to achieve that goal. 

Viviscal PRO

Viviscal PRO is the premier choice for hair regrowth. A result of over 25 years of research, this supplement has seven scientific publications that show its effectiveness. Taken as an oral tablet, it’s a remarkably convenient way to address thinning hair. There’s no need to spend time applying topical treatments, making repeated visits to a clinic, or recovering from surgical procedures.

Viviscal PRO contains a multi-faceted, scientifically formulated blend of ingredients to provide tangible results. The proprietary AminoMar™ complex, developed by Viviscal, encourages regrowth in existing hair follicles. A specially balanced combination of vitamin C, Biotin, fruit extract, and essential amino acids strengthens the hair and restores the missing nutrients responsible for hair loss.


The benefits of hair supplements aren’t easily overstated. Here are just some of the benefits from hair supplementation:



With so many benefits of hair supplementation, it’s easy to see why hair restoration experts endorse these products.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

Hair growth supplements work by replenishing essential minerals and nutrients to the scalp through the blood. Since this isn’t an immediate intervention, it’s important to stick with your regimen for an extended period to see positive results. The manufacturer recommends taking Viviscal for a minimum of three to six months, but results can be seen as early as three months in.

The process begins with restoring nutrients to your existing hair follicles. Hair regrowth supplements introduce these nutrients through the stomach, where it reaches the blood. The blood then carries it to the scalp, where the hair follicles absorb it. After a short period of supplementation, wispy hairs begin to strengthen and are less prone to falling out during everyday activities like washing and brushing. Hair follicles eventually begin to regenerate and spur new growth.

By six months, clinical trials show an 80% increase in terminal hairs (the hairs that grow on the scalp). This regrowth increases the hair coverage on the scalp, and you are left with a stronger and healthier head of hair.

Who Can Benefit?

Anybody who struggles with significant hair loss and desires a natural solution to increase scalp coverage and hair thickness can benefit from supplementation. Supplements like Viviscal are an excellent choice for anyone who values convenience, effectiveness, and non-invasive methods. 

However, individuals who have shellfish allergies should not take this medication. If you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding, you’re also ineligible for this treatment. Notably, Viviscal PRO is only available through specialized clinics and hair care experts like Global Center for Hair Restoration.

Talk To The Experts

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