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Thinning hair is an issue many people experience, and the causes can vary. It can be difficult to navigate through hair loss and potential treatments on your own. At the Global Center for Hair Restoration in Nashville, TN, we understand that hair loss can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you understand it all. We provide various hair-thinning solutions designed to treat hair loss and thinning. Whether you’re just starting to notice thinning hair or need a more permanent solution, we are ready to help you find the best treatment options for your individual goals and lifestyle.

What Causes Thinning Hair?

For both men and women, hair thinning or hair loss can cause concern. Both genders can experience this condition at any age, leading to psychological distress and medical issues. Understanding the causes of thinning hair is critical to treating it properly and preventing further problems. Let’s break down why people may experience hair thinning and what they can do about it.

Hair Thinning for Men

Male pattern baldness is the leading cause of hair thinning in men. This condition is caused by an excess amount of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body, which leads to follicles shrinking over time until they no longer produce healthy strands of hair. Male pattern baldness usually starts with a receding hairline around the temples, then progresses to form a U-shape on the head.

Hair Thinning for Women

Unlike men, female pattern baldness does not typically result in complete baldness but manifests itself as a general thinning of the hair on the scalp. The most common cause of this type of hair loss is hormonal changes due to aging, childbirth, stress, or certain medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Why Involve Medical Help for Thinning Hair?

It’s essential to involve medical professionals when dealing with thinning hair because they can diagnose any underlying conditions that may be causing your symptoms. For example, iron deficiency anemia can lead to diffuse thinning of scalp hairs, while thyroid issues can cause patchy areas of alopecia (balding). Once these issues are diagnosed and treated appropriately, other treatments, such as laser therapy or medications, can be explored if necessary.

Experiencing hair loss can be distressing, so it’s essential to explore the various treatment options available. Here, we will provide a complete medical evaluation and review your health history to identify the root cause of your hair loss. To help manage hair thinning and loss, we offer prescription medications, medical-grade supplements, and non-invasive therapies that have proven successful. We are here to help you decide which option is best for you while being sensitive to your emotions related to hair loss.

What Are Some Hair Thinning Solutions We Provide?

Are you concerned about thinning hair, or have you recently experienced unexpected shedding? Many people experience temporary hair loss due to stress, genetics, over-processing, and dietary deficiencies. But if these losses continue for an extended time, you should seek professional help. We provide solutions to restore your natural fullness and maximize the health of your tresses through safe products and simple practices. Let us take a look at some options:

PRP Therapy

PRP hair restoration therapy has opened the door for a revolutionary hair loss treatment for men and women, making hair thinning a thing of the past. This minimally invasive treatment utilizes your body’s growth factors to thicken and regrow hair naturally. A small blood sample is taken from your arm and placed into a centrifuge to begin the process. Here, the blood gets separated into plasma and red blood cells. 

Plasma contains high levels of platelets which contain these healing growth factors that signal healthy tissue to regenerate itself. The same principle is applied to hair health, with PRP being an effective method to stimulate natural hair growth, thicken hair follicles, reduce hair shedding, and revitalize dormant hair.


If hair thinning and hair loss has been a concern of yours, you’re not alone; many men and women experience hair thinning and loss as they age. Fortunately, treatments such as Nutrafol and Viviscal Pro dietary supplements are available to support healthy hair growth. These hair-thinning treatments have been scientifically formulated using natural ingredients that can help reduce the effects of stress on hair follicles. Regular intake of these hair loss treatments can promote existing hair growth and may even encourage new hair production.

KeraLase Laser Hair Restoration

KeraLase hair restoration is a revolutionary hair-thinning treatment that offers a comprehensive approach to hair loss. Using a combination of cutting-edge laser therapy and a powerful topical serum, KeraLase stimulates hair growth while also taking steps to improve the overall health of your scalp. The in-office treatments are quick and straightforward and are followed up with at-home applications of the KeraFactor serum.

How Can You Get Started?

Our clinic is dedicated to helping people with hair issues like hair thinning and hair loss. We know that hair thinning and hair loss can be upsetting experiences, and getting the right solutions is extremely important. That’s why when you come in for a consultation and evaluation of your health history, we will guide you through every step, helping you find the best hair-thinning solution tailored specifically for you.

At the Global Center for Hair Restoration in Nashville, TN, we understand hair loss can significantly impact life and self-confidence. That’s why we provide hair loss treatments that help you regain hair growth. Our hair-thinning solutions are tailored to each patient, so you’ll get precisely what is right for you. Don’t let hair loss get in your way—reach out to us today for a personalized consultation and take the first step towards regaining your hair!