Hair transplants are one of the best solutions for hair loss and thinning. If you deal with bald spots and excessive hair loss, NeoGraft hair transplants may be right for you. 

At Global Center for Hair Restoration in Nashville, TN, we perform skilled NeoGraft hair transplants to combat hair growth problems. We can restore thicker, fuller hair to your head using your own hair follicles. 

So what is NeoGraft hair transplant? Here’s how it works. 

The NeoGraft FUE Method

Follicular unit extraction, or FUE, refers to the process of harvesting your healthy hair follicles. We take follicles from a donor area on your scalp that already has all the hair you need. 

These follicles naturally occur in groups of one to three, and our FUE device removes them according to their groupings. This means that your follicles stay within their natural groups and can grow more easily later on. 

The follicular extraction process does not leave marks on your scalp. The device creates microscopic scars that you will never see, especially once your hair grows back. 

After we extract your healthy hair follicles, we transplant them onto areas of your scalp with hair thinning or balding. We have years of expertise that guide us as we restore healthy, luscious locks to your head. 

Preparing the Donor Area

Before we harvest your hair follicles, you must shave the donor areas on your head. We typically harvest from the back of your head, where hair growth is most prominent. 

Some patients can hide the shaved areas by keeping the hair around them long. Other patients get short haircuts so that the shaved areas are less noticeable. 

The reason you must shave the donor area is so that the FUE device can recognize and properly extract your healthy hair follicles. It also makes the transplant process easier and safer because no long strands of hair can get in the way. 

The NeoGraft Hair Transplant Process

NeoGraft hair transplants are outpatient procedures. This means that you do not have to stay in a surgery center or spend the night at our center. You simply have the transplant and then go home. 

We use a local anesthetic to numb the areas that we work on during the procedure. You will not feel the FUE device or transplantation at all. Since we do not use general anesthesia, you will be awake the whole time and cleared to drive afterward. 

Once we have successfully transplanted your hair follicles, all you have to do is wait for regrowth. 

When Will You See Results?

Most patients notice natural regrowth in the areas of transplantation after 8 to 12 months. This time frame can vary, depending on your general health and genetics for hair growth. 

NeoGraft hair transplants produce natural-looking results. This is why so many patients thrive after their procedures; they enjoy the effortless look of healthy hair regrowth. 

Safety and Approval for NeoGraft

NeoGraft hair transplants are FDA-approved to restore healthy hair growth for both men and women. This procedure is safe and does not require stitches, incisions, or any other invasive techniques. 

We will evaluate your scalp and hair in person during your consultation to determine whether you are a good candidate for NeoGraft hair transplants. This procedure may not be right for everybody. However, most patients see efficient hair growth after they undergo NeoGraft transplants. 

We consider several factors when evaluating your scalp and hair. Your hair’s density, thickness, and degree of loss or thinning play a large role in the success of NeoGraft hair transplants. 

We also look at your scalp health. In order for your hair to grow quickly and remain strong, it must be grown in a healthy environment (your scalp). There are methods for improving your scalp health that we will share before your procedure. 

Some patients need multiple grafts to see optimal hair growth results. If NeoGraft is a good fit for you, we should be able to transplant everything in one session. 

The Benefits of NeoGraft Transplants

We use the latest innovative technology to carry out NeoGraft hair transplants. If you are willing to be on the cutting edge of hair growth technology, NeoGraft could be perfect for you. 

Follicular unit extraction devices are wonderful for keeping hair growth as natural as possible. Because the FUE device will extract follicles in groups of one to three at a time, your regrowth will look authentic. Nobody has to know that you had a transplant. 

Many patients want to avoid surgery. With NeoGraft, you can do that. We only use a topical local anesthetic, so you remain awake the entire time. 

This procedure is convenient for patients with busy schedules and many responsibilities. The transplant does not take much time, and you can return to your daily activities with minimal restriction after your transplant. 

There is no downtime required after the transplant is over. Once we have successfully grafted your hair follicles and given aftercare instructions, you do not have to wait around the center. You are free to return to work, home, or running errands. 

Get a NeoGraft Transplant in Nashville, TN

If NeoGraft interests you and you think you may be a good candidate, it’s time to schedule a consultation. At Global Center for Hair Restoration, we have decades of hair treatments and expertise behind us. We work with your comfort and aesthetics in mind every step of the way. 

To book your consultation for NeoGraft hair transplants, give us a call or stop by today.